The Design and Computation Arts Inclusivity Committee is a new initiative on the part of students and faculty in the Design and Computation Arts department at Concordia University, aimed at creating a welcoming and intersectional space for students in the design community. Unlearning Design: A Decolonizing and Inclusivity Toolkit, helps highlight different areas of inclusive design to showcase design beyond the traditional white hetero-normative values. There is more to design beyond the typical and traditional values commonly showcased in design education. This project helps highlight intersectional perspectives of design and inspire students to help create a more inclusive practice through hosting a series of design guest speakers that focus on inclusivity in their work, and then making risograph zines and literature inspired by these designers, in order to disseminate the impact of the talks to a wider audience. 

The series includes talks and workshops by guest designers: Elaine Lopez, Sébastian Aubin, Danielle and Kevin McCoy of WORK/PLAY, Ramon Tejada, and Jimmy Van Luu. We hope to bring out lessons of inclusivity for the greater conversation of diversity in design, to inspire a unity in our search for a more representative design field. 

Team: M. Wright, Masheyla Anderson, Mariah Andrews, Dominique Montesano, Brian Pham, Le Lin

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