Le Lin is a graphic designer, print-maker, and tattoo artist based in 
東京 / Tokyo, and Tiohtià:ke / Montréal.
Hello! Bonjour! 你好! こんにちは! My name is 樂 (lè/yuè). My pronouns are he/they.
The character 樂 (lè/yuè) means joy and music. It is a compound of 糸 (“string”) + 木 (“wood”) – a wooden musical instrument. My ancestors believed that music can make you happy, and conversely laughter had the power to harmonize one's soul in ways that nothing else could. So, I am offering joy in my name and passing this energy to you.

I am a graphic designer, print-maker, and tattoo artist based from Tiohtià:ke / Montréal and 東京 / Tokyo. I collaborate with small businesses, community-centered non-profits, cultural organizations, institutions, artists, and musicians on developing projects centering social justice and community empowerment. My work is oriented towards experiences of joy, empathy, and connection, and informed by thoughts and ideas that are authentic to my diasporic experience; these include gender, racialization, queerness, language, and identity. I am a firm believer that art/design should be tools of resistance, acts of vulnerability, and uplifting one another. 

I am currently freelancing in Montréal.
I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design / Visual Communications from Concordia University in 2021.

I’ve previously worked for Hand Saw PressQuartier des Spectacles, Anteism, GAMERella, Pathwaves, VAV Gallery, the Fine Arts Reading Room, Fine Arts Student Alliance, the Concordian, and District 3
I’ve volunteered and collaborated with groups including Queer Print Club, Queer Arts Festival, Art Matters, Concordia University’s Design and Computational Arts Inclusivity Committee, and McGill University’s Equity Education. 
You can email me for my full CV.

Poster, Print, Book, and Editorial Design
Brand Positioning, Visual Identity, and Logo Design
Communications and Content Strategy
User Experience and Website Design
Design Workshops and Facilitation

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