Queer Print Club is proud to present the Risograph zine, "CYCLES"! This publication is an exploration of the theme "CYCLES", a topic that we hope will create a space for dialogue about personal history, lived experiences, queer culture, relationships, and other topics relevant to our communities. This is a project dear to my heart that I designed, facilitated, organized, and helped print and bind. 

Rather than selling the zine, we are asking for donation receipts (of $10 or more) in exchange for the zine (mailed to you!). We would like the donations to be for BLM or for LGBTQ + BIPOC charities. Email the donation receipt and include your mailing address to ‘queerprintclub@gmail.com’ with the title “Cycles Donation” and we will shortly confirm that we’ve mailed ‘CYCLES’ to you! 

Thank you again to our lovely contributors! We have recommendations for charities to donate here​​​​​​​

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