The Pathwaves Digital Literacy Incubator is an initiative aimed at empowering Canadian musicians to make lifelong careers in music more possible and equitablePathwaves consists of conferences, mentorship, master classes, workshops, individual work, and knowledge-exchange. The conference delves into the forces shaping music creation, performance, and business in today’s digital world, while equipping musicians with the tools, knowledge, and resources to conceive trailblazing projects that reimagine the way music is made and shared in Canada and around the world.

As the graphic designer, I created their logo, branding, style guide, posters, and worked with the developer team to create the Pathwaves website. We took consideration many aspects of web accessibility, ensuring there were no barriers that prevent interaction with, or access to the website (physical/situational disabilities, visual/auditory impairments, socio-economic restrictions on bandwidth and speed). 

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