Orbit lamp is a friendly cylinder lampshade made from walnut wood veneer which pivots on a steel double ball joint. The base is composed of three legs and the whole lighting system is self contained in the cylinder and powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery. By turning the cap of the lamp clockwise, the LED gets progressively brighter and by turning the cap counter clockwise, the LED gets dimmer.

This concept took off from the possibilities and limitations wood have and my ability to convert its capacity into design advantages. Like turning inevitable cracks into something beautiful and using special veneer techniques to overcome its natural limitations in 3 dimensional bending. The entire lamp is designed for easy disassembly; the walnut legs are tapped, the steel mechanism can be taken apart and the electronics can be removed from the lampshade. The lamp also acts like a living creature, staring at you, orbiting its head 360 degrees and activated by your touch.

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