A personal messenger bag collaboration project with K Team in Kamakura, Japan:
Freedom is worth nothing as long as this war machine continues, 200 days of gen0cide in Pale$t!ne, more than 40,000 G@zans killed in the past 7 months, no ceas€fire in sight, the b0mbing hasn’t stopped, ground invasion, kidnapping, besieging of hospitals and schools, none of that has stopped. Don’t be silent, keep showing support, amplifying Pale$t!nian voices and free Pale$t!ne. 
And our support needs to go to silent gen0cides happening, in Africa where people are completely cut off from internet and not getting visibility online; ongoing gen0cide in Darfur Sudan, where 10 million people are displaced, mass murd€rs continue, gen0cidal rap€, home invasions, hospitals b0mbings, land seized from humanitarian aid. 
And in the decades long gen0cide in the Congo by Rwanda backed militia groups where thousands of people die everyday from vi0lence and disease, half of them being children. Vi0lence on child soldiers and child slaves financed by minerals that we use (gold, oil, and coltan). As much as it is normalized by international news, the current situation in Congo must’t be overlooked.
Colonialism is connected, and so is collective liberation, stand with Pale$t!ne, Sudan, and Congo!

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